Welcome to Infor Design and the Design System

Infor Design is responsible for the user experience in Infor’s Industry CloudSuites. Our global design team—concentrated in development hubs in New York City, Manila, and Wrocław—designs, builds, and supports SoHo. SoHo v4.5 is our design language. Teams use its assets, components, and guidelines to create role-based UX that delivers user productivity and satisfaction.

The Infor Design System, which includes the assets and guidelines for SoHo, can help you build cohesive user experiences in efficient ways. It offers a collection of principles, components, code, assets, and best practices. All Infor CloudSuites are expected to comply with its standards and best practices. Because the design system is open source, we welcome external partners—and customer teams—to use these assets to seamlessly extend a consistent user experience.

Like other design system users, you can apply our pre-built solutions to address common challenges that you may face during development. Instead of starting each project from scratch, the modular components act as building blocks that help you speed up the design and development process. By reducing duplication of effort, the design system gives you more time to innovate and focus on solving deeper challenges.

You’ll find some foundational design principles, guidelines, and assets here on While our design system is open source, much of the content is now gated due to security concerns. If you’d like to have access to the full site, please email us. Please include your company name, and the names, titles, and email addresses of the people who need access.

Using the Design System

Overview of foundational elements, including type, colors, icons, and design tokens.

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Design Paradigm

Scaling user productivity and satisfaction.

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Design Principles

Our design principles are for everyone who cares about good user experiences.

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Design Program

Consistency and continuity matter for success.

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Designing a Great Widget

Guidance to help you avoid common pitfalls when designing and developing widgets.

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Design System Feedback

Your input helps us make the design system better.

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