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Optimization with Infor AI

Learn how to use Infor AI’s optimization capabilities to drive better decision-making. Check out our demo that shows how to determine which set of retail items will yield the greatest profit using hypothetical budgets and inventory storage space limitations.

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Getting started with BaaS | Builder Hour

Create your first REST service from scratch with step-by-step instructions from Infor experts. Stay tuned for details on our next Builder Hour!

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Creating ION business rules

Learn how to automate your approval and decision-making processes with ION’s Business Rules Engine.

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Reading Outlook emails with RPA

Create an RPA flow that reads Outlook emails and downloads attached documents with Infor’s automated email Outlook activities.

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Customer segmentation with Infor AI

Get more from your customer base using Infor AI to drive better decision-making. Follow along with our step-by-step guide.

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Installing Infor's Enterprise Connector

Install Enterprise Connector and create a secure bridge between the cloud and your local applications. Follow along with our handy installation guide.

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Infor OS updates from the April Release

See new improvements made across the Infor OS Platform from the April 2024 Release.

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Everything from system integrations, machine learning models, business intelligence, digital assistant, and whole new applications can be created. Even better, they natively work together and with your existing tools.



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