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Infor Document Management (IDM) is a digital cloud-based document repository offered by Infor that delivers extensibility and business process integration throughout Infor OS. IDM offers comprehensive lifecycle management of documents including archiving, security, collaboration, and versioning.

IDM has the capability to scale vertically, horizontally, and globally, making it possible to manage millions of documents. Documents can be stored either locally on a database server or in the cloud. Furthermore, IDM’s Related Information contextual app provides context-aware information to Infor products, presenting IDM documents that are related to the selected asset.

IDM Capture streamlines the process of extracting, separating, and classifying important content by facilitating the automatic uploading of documents. Additionally, Document Output enables users to easily create templates, distribute emails, and print using Infor’s new Enterprise Print.

Key Concepts & Definitions

IDM                          Shorthand for Infor Document Management
IDM is a full-fledged document management system within Infor OS that can manage the entire document lifecycle of business documents, including creation , versioning, storage, retrieval, distribution, archiving, and purging.
Document Output ManagementIDM’s ability to create templates for document creation, the distribution of documents through email, and the ability to cloud print with IDM’s Enterprise Print feature.
Output Management TemplatesThe capability to combine application data with customized templates to produce business documents. Templates can be created or modified using the Microsoft word add-in included with IDM.
Contextual ApplicationsThe related information contextual application provides the ability to display relevant documents stored within IDM alongside their corresponding business records. This is not limited to read-only access. Users can download, print, email, sign, or upload documents to IDM via the related information contextual application.
IDM CaptureAn optional add-on component, IDM capture provides optical character recognition (OCR) to transform unstructured content into meaningful data. Typically used for automating the AP invoice process but must be certified with the ERP.
Document TypeAn envelope for a document file and its metadata/attributes. Users can create any custom document type with any attributes needed such as height, weight, approval status, color. Flexible enough to cover all possible customer needs, a document cannot exist outside of a document type. Some applications provide default document types mapped specifically to their application record types.
AttributesDefined by the creator of a document type to store a characteristic. Can be used to create a reference between a document in IDM and a record in an Infor application. Can store: metadata, values, properties. Ex: item ID, supplier number, invoice number, purchase order number
ACLShorthand for access control list. Consists of users, user groups, and privileges associated with each. These are applied to document types, permitting and restricting users’ actions on them. By default there are 2 types of ACL, public and private. Public is visible to everyone, private only to the last modifier of that document. Custom ACLs can also be created.
Infor IONInfor ION is an enterprise messaging system that integrates Infor products with each other and with non-Infor products. Transactional and master data is passed between products as business object documents (BODs) that are routed through Infor ION. Infor ION also enables customers to set up workflows, design and activate business event monitors, and manage tasks and alerts across products.
Query BuilderInfor’s search tool for documents which uses Xquery. Can search for document attributes and properties, search for text within a document, and make your own advanced queries. Searches can also be saved by the user for quick access later.

IDM Tools

IDM UtilitiesThe IDM Utilities tool is a self-contained executable JAR file containing multiple functions allowing you to import, export, and update data in IDM. Very useful for tech savvy users and for handling large amounts of documents.
Microsoft Outlook
Add In
Users can upload email attachments directly into IDM from Outlook.
Microsoft Word Add InUsers can develop a template in Microsoft Word to be used in IDM Output Management. Can also search for images in IDM and insert into templates.
Infor Mobile AppUtilize IDM capabilities on a mobile device, allowing the user to view, upload, search, and manage documents.
DocuSignCombines DocuSign’s capabilities with IDM, allowing users to lock documents, create DocuSign templates, and distribute documents to be signed and sent back.
Enterprise PrintUsers can register locations and associated printers to send IDM documents to be printed In that location. Allows you to print over the cloud.

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Quick Reference:

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Product documentation is the go-to reference for how specific parts of the product work. For online, searchable, easy to understand guides, see the following:

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