How To Create a Data Service in Infor OS App Designer

Business Problem

ERPs such M3 generate large volumes of data on a daily basis to capture the various aspects of business operations. Making this data accessible to stakeholders across the organization is crucial in enabling informed decision making at various levels. Using Infor OS App Designer you can facilitate rapid no-code development to seamlessly connect to your existing ERP data.



  • Access to the OS App Designer
  • Existing M3 Account
  • Access to the following endpoints in the API Gateway:
    • M3/m3api-rest/v2/execute
    • M3/m3api-rest/execute


Difficulty: Medium
Estimated completion time: 30 Minutes

This tutorial will walk you through how to setup each different type of data service in OAD: a static list data service, an ION API data service that connects to an M3 API, and lastly it will cover how to create a data service using Data Lake.

Topics Covered:
  • What is a Data Service?
  • How to Create a Static List Data Service
  • How to Create an ION API Data Service
  • How to Create a Data Lake Data Service


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