Building and Testing a Digital Assistant Skill

Business Problem

The development of a new skill by a Digital Assistant admin, specifically designed to address a a business requirement, is an important undertaking. Before implementing this skill, it is vital to conduct proper testing to ensure its effectiveness. Specifically, to take the skill from its initial “draft” phase to a test-ready state, and have it ready for comprehensive evaluation by Advanced Users and Coleman Digital Assistant Admins.



  • Access to an Infor CloudSuite    
  • Coleman DA Security Roles:  
    • COLEMANDA-User
    • COLEMANDA-Advanced


This tutorial will walk you through how to incorporate a new skill into the AI Digital Assistant. You’ll learn how to take a skill that is in draft mode and put it into testing mode. Next, it will show you how to test the skill for any issues so you can make any necessary changes.

Topics Covered:

  • How to select and build a skill
  • What the build process looks like
  • Navigating and filtering existing skills
  • Reviewing the utterances of the skill to be tested
  • Testing the skill