Tutorials are designed to offer a guide to complete common objectives, while also acknowledging that individual developers need to respond to individual needs of their own solutions. Tutorial frameworks provide blueprints for these solutions and should be adapted to fit individual needs.


Infor’s end-to-end, enterprise caliber analytics tool.

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Application Development

Infor’s rapid application development framework that offers users a no code/low code/full code experience.

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Data Management

Infor’s comprehensive, cloud-native data management and processing platform.

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Digital Assistant

Infor’s Digital Assistant is a virtual employee that any business can teach to answer questions and speed access to knowledge.

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Document Management

Infor Document Management provides robust digital document storage, searching, printing, and integration capabilities.

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Enterprise Artificial Intelligence

Infor AI opens up the world of machine learning to a wider array of business users through its visual modeler, allowing for deployment of models with low-code and no-code implementations.

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Enterprise Integration

Infor integration solutions provide the flexibility you need to make an often-complex web of enterprise systems work together.

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Enterprise Portal

An application framework that provides a common user interface for integrated Infor ERP applications.

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Governance, Risk and Compliance

Infor GRC is a comprehensive approach to managing the risks, compliance, and governance of an organization.

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Process Automation

Automating business processes is key to lowering labor costs, improving employee satisfaction, increasing measurability, and maximizing efficiency.

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Robotic Process Automation

RPA automates repetitive tasks and empowers your team to focus on what they do best.

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Security & User Management

This component of the Infor Platform is utilized by those accessing the Infor Cloud from a browser based app, mobile app, or API.

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