The goal of the Infor Developer Partner program is to grow our partner ecosystem and provide our enterprise customers with the convenience, flexibility, and confidence to deploy solutions that make their business more successful. The first critical element of our program is the developer portal, which provides our partners the information needed to learn how to build, integrate, & extend Infor offerings. The second element is providing our partners the support to build the content, extensions, and applications that add additional value to Infor Offerings. Lastly we want to provide our partners the visibility and reach so that these partner solutions can be commercially viable.

The Infor Marketplace provides our partners visibility & reach to help market their solutions, while also providing Infor the operational tools and governance to manage such offerings. The Infor Marketplace is the one place that Infor customers will be directed to find partner solutions for their Infor products.

Are you looking to join the Infor Marketplace? The Infor Marketplace is a curated Marketplace and requires solution review and approval. The typical process takes 4-8 weeks

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