How to create an RPA flow using System activities

Business Problem

You need to create a basic flow using some of the system automation activities and a workflow activity to define a loop action.

Let’s create a flow which will allow bot to read the files and check if they contain any text. Finally, the resultant text will be written into the logfile which would be created upon running the RPA flow.


  • RPA Management
  • RPA Studio


  • The user needs access the cloud tenant via login.
  • Before we start building the flow, let’s first create few artifacts needed to set up an RPA flow
    • Create one folder called SystemActivities e.g. of the Folder path C:\RPA\SystemActivities
    • Within the created folder (C:\RPA\SystemActivities) create 3 .txt files e.g.
      • Test1.txt
      • Test2.txt
      • Test3.txt
    • For Text1.txt and Text3.txt files, add the text “I have text.“ and leave the Test2.txt file empty.
    • Create one more Folder called LogFile e.g. of the Folder path C:\RPA\LogFile.