Design System Feedback

We encourage feedback from all users. Your input helps us make the design system better. Here’s how you can participate:


For items that seem to be not working or inaccurate, the best way to bring attention is by reporting a bug via GitHub. Check existing issues to make sure it hasn’t already been documented, then create a new bug. If you don’t already have a GitHub username, you’ll be prompted to create one.


Send us your ideas, suggestions, and comments for evolving the design system. Examples of feedback can include updates and additions to icons, component variants, patterns, and documentation. Submissions are refined and prioritized with other initiatives and project work.

Prioritization of suggestions is based on:

  1. Opportunity for reuse among other teams
  2. Alignment with design language and foundations
  3. Bandwidth of design system team and contributors
  4. Effort to implement and maintain


For any other questions or training requests, please email us.