Using the Design System

Because not all UX design challenges are the same, the design system offers flexible ways to use it. The assets aren’t intended to support every potential scenario. Instead, you can use our foundational elements and guidance to help solve your unique use cases.


Type, in a variety of styles and sizes, is:

  • used to present content
  • essential for establishing information hierarchies
  • used to ensure readability


The color palette allows for a robust system of status communication, states, and theming.


This catalog of icons can be used in your applications. We’ve taken into consideration standardized icons—for example, a floppy disk to represent a “save” function—to make our icons familiar to users.

Design Tokens

A design token is a piece of data that represents a color, font, or other foundational UI attribute and has a descriptive name that summarizes its purpose or use case.

Tokens enable unified visual styles across products and industries, reducing constraints that often arise during implementation. Since tokens don’t depend on specific frameworks or technologies, they can integrate into tools that you already use.

The design system is best used as a compass, rather than a map. The greatest value comes from adopting the code assets, design assets, and usage documentation. Our team is available to offer recommendations and potential approaches for incorporating existing components and patterns.