Publishing a Skill in Digital Assistant

Business Problem

With meticulous design, a Digital Assistant admin has created a new skill tailored to meet a unique business requirement. After extensive testing to ensure optimal performance, the skill is now ready for deployment. The immediate challenge lies in transitioning this skill from its tested state to a “live” stage, where it can be used in real-world scenarios. This progression necessitates the skill’s publication on the platform by a Coleman Admin, allowing authorized users to access it and fully exploit its capabilities.



  • Access to an Infor CloudSuite    
  • Coleman DA Security Roles:  
    • COLEMANDA-User
    • COLEMANDA-Advanced


This tutorial will demonstrate how to move the refined skill from its tested state to a live, operational status, making it accessible to authorized users within the platform. This marks the final stage of the skill integration process, as it becomes a fully functional tool within the AI Digital Assistant.

Topics Covered:

  • How to select and deploy a skill
  • What the deployment process looks like
  • How and where to access the published skill