Application Development

Infor has two application development solutions, Infor Mongoose and OS App Designer.

Infor Mongoose

Infor Mongoose is Infor’s rapid application development framework that offers users a no-code/low-code/full-code experience. This means our framework can provide benefits to our customers regardless of their technical expertise.

Whether you are building an extension to one of our Infor ERP’s or building a complete stand-alone application, Mongoose will help you design, build, and deploy quickly and easily. Mongoose maximizes a developer’s time by utilizing various wizards to reduce the need to “drop into code” and by exploiting our flex layout, user components and HTML5 designer, you will be confident that Mongoose will provide you with the ability to create the UX/UI your company is looking to achieve.

The framework also comes with many built in features like, a full reporting engine, integrated workflow, full user management, and a robust background task manager. All things that most applications could need to leverage right at your fingertips.

Concepts & Definitions

Development FrameworkA software framework that provides a standard structure and set of components to help developers build applications.
ExtensibilityThe ability of a software system to be extended with new features or functionality without major changes to the existing code.
Low CodeA development platform that provides a visual environment for building applications with little or no coding with the use of a library of pre-built components that can be assembled with drag-and drop.
Full CodeThe ability to include Custom Assemblies and form scripting to your application.
MetadataData that translates and connects the backend data to the front end data.
Runtime ModeMode in which users can use and interact with the application in normal day-to-day operations.
Design ModeMode in which developers can edit and modify forms in the application.


FormsA window through which you can interact with information in a database.
FieldsAn area within a record which is reserved for a specific piece of data.
RecordsA collection of values or fields of related information.
Collections (IDOs)An IDO (Intelligent Data Object) collection consists of a set of properties that make up a collection of information that can be API or table based.
IDO Extension Classa .NET class that allows developers to extend the functionality of an existing IDO by adding methods and event handlers. IDO extension classes are compiled into a .NET class library assembly and stored in the IDO metadata database.
Application Event SystemThe application event system is a powerful and flexible set of tools that is designed to help extend and customize how the system works. You can use these tools to define and monitor application events across the system, rather than being limited to a single form.
DataViewsAdvanced data grids that you can create to query a custom set of data, quickly and easily. The basic DataView presentation is similar to an Excel spreadsheet, displaying data in columns.
Critical NumbersKey performance indicators, or KPIs, that you can use to get a quick view of important statistics or track progress.
Runtime BuilderTool used for a specialized set of Mongoose forms that are designed to allow authorized users to create simple forms in Runtime Mode, without having to enter into design mode.
FormSyncUtility that can be used to retain and upgrade customizations made in the previous version of the application. It can also be used to copy customized objects from one forms database to another.
Form ControlForm Control is a version-control tool for objects being developed for the presentation layer (client tier) of an application in Windows client.

Key Benefits & Integrations

  • Rapid Application Development
  • Easy and powerful integration to ERPs
  • Automatic Web Deployment and Multi-Device
  • ION Enabled core toolset
  • Cloud enabled for both dev and deployment
  • Personalize applications, upgrade automatically
  • Simple and flexible installation
  • Full ION Integration
  • Interfaces with JSON
  • API Gateway Integration
  • Restful Web Services
  • DataLake/IoT
  • Outrigger Connections


Infor OS App Designer

Infor OS App Designer (OAD) is an extensible application design tool that is part of the Infor OS Portal platform. OAD is designed to be a serverless, multi-tenant, cloud-based development framework.

With OAD, you can develop widgets for the OS Portal, using a no-code approach, based on predefined templates that are ready to be connected to a data service. The data service layer can connect to any API within the API Gateway. OAD uses design wizard that guides you through the required steps to assign data to, configure, and publish an instance of a widget template.

Key Concepts & Definitions

No-CodeA development platform that doesn’t require any coding or knowledge of development to create applications.
WidgetA small, single purpose application composed in OAD.
TemplateA preconfigured layout of a widget, made up of various components.
ComponentUI organisms inside of the widget template, such as a list or data grid. Each component may be connected to one data property.
ElementA piece of a component inside of a widget template. This can include a button, hyperlink, image, or a label in a list.
AttributeA configurable aspect of a certain element.
Input ParametersTypes of data that can be sent to the API.
Output ParametersTypes of data that can be received from the API.
Data PropertyA dimension of the data service that can be mapped to a specific element. They correspond to an output parameter of the API in question.
TranslationsChanging one section of text to another section of text based on a pre-defined translation in the “translations” tab. Translations are defined by the user, not auto-generated, and categorized by user language.
Data ServiceA pipeline through which data can come, either from ION APIs via API gateway, data lake, or a static list defined by the user.


Want to learn more?


Infor U offers learning tracks that combine video based and instructor led teaching. If you are an Infor customer then check out the Mongoose and OAD courses available on Infor U.

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