Building a Skill for Navigating Documentation

Business Problem

Resolve the business challenge of assisting employees in effectively navigating systems by implementing a Digital Assistant solution tailored to your organization. Consider the scenario where users require quick access to a pre-defined list of documents. By deploying a Digital Assistant, your employees can effortlessly find the necessary information, fostering a streamlined workflow and boosting productivity within your company. In this demonstration we will focus on Infor documentation but you can tailor this to any doc outside of Infor.



  • Access to an Infor CloudSuite    
  • Coleman DA Security Roles:  
    • COLEMANDA-User
    • COLEMANDA-Advanced


Accessing Application

  1. From the Navigation Menu in Infor OS Portal, go to OS then select Digital Assistant.
  2. Locate and select the ‘+’ symbol positioned above the data grid containing the list of skills in order to proceed with the ‘Add Skill’ operation.

Building Skill

Each of the section below represent the wizard steps on the UI.

Basic Information

  1. Specify the basic information:
    • Skill ID: NavigationDemo
    • Name: NavigationDemo
    • Description: This skill will demonstrate how a navigation skill flows for various documentation resources. 
    • Language: English.

Click “Next” button


Fulfillment Type: Basic

Click “Next” button



You will be creating one (1) requirement as pictured below.  There is an “Add Requirement” button to increase the quantity displayed. Name and Prompt are user defined and Type will be the Dynamic selection from the drop down. 


There are no Parameters necessary for this skill.

Click “Next” button

Utterances and Confirmation


Specify a collection of user prompts that initiate the skill when requested. It is advisable to establish a minimum of three user-defined utterances. To expand the displayed options, utilize the “Add Utterance” button.

Click “Next” button



Create Variables

Not required for this skill.

Update Variables

Not required for this skill.

Response condition

In this skill, we will establish three Response Conditions. You have the flexibility to determine the desired quantity. Each response condition will correspond to a distinct document, with a numerical value assigned to each in the Value field. To expand the displayed options, utilize the “Add Response” button.

Default Response

Not required for this skill.

Click “Next” button


The summary view will give you a detailed look at everything you have entered.

Text View

Flow View

Click Save

Test Skill

Your skill is now in “Draft” mode.  By selecting the skill you just created and then clicking the “Build to Test” button you will be able to test it.

Deploy Skill

Once you are ready to deploy your skill, select it and click “Deploy Skill”