API Overview

The APIs listed on this site in the API Specifications menu are the exact specifications you have available in the Infor Cloud. However, there are important differences with the APIs available here:

The APIs are a subset

If you combine all the APIs in the Infor Cloud, both those related to the Infor Platform and those related to Infor business applications, you would have tens of thousands of different APIs and operations. In order to keep this developer portal easy to use and navigate we have chosen the most popular APIs to document. This site is a preview intended to help on-board new developers. However, as a customer or partner you have access to the full set of APIs for your products natively in the Infor API Gateway.

The APIs have sample data

Since these APIs are a preview, we have augmented the API specifications with sample data you can use to test the APIs.

The APIs have a different endpoint

The API specifications on this site use a different domain in their endpoints than what you will use in your own Infor cloud tenant.

The APIs have no authentication

In order to make the APIs on this site easy to experiment with they have no authentication or authorization. When accessing these APIs from the Infor API Gateway in your own tenant you will need to use OAUTH 2.0 in any programmatic interface.