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The Infor OS Portal is an advanced application framework offering a unified user interface for integrated Infor ERP applications. Within this portal, the navigation panel gives users access to various elements, notably the navigation menu which showcases the ERP applications. Furthermore, the smart panel, a foldable tray, houses both contextual and non-contextual widgets. These widgets dynamically present content enhancing user efficiency.

To tailor their experience, users have the ability to customize Workspaces and create shortcuts to their most accessed application screens and widgets. Beyond this, the Infor OS Portal boasts a drill-back capability, facilitating seamless navigation between applications. Users can navigate from one application to another to track transactions, transfer data, and report updates.

Key Concepts & Definitions

Infor OS Portal                          A user-friendly, web-based platform that allows users to interact with a range of Infor applications, widgets, and tools from one central hub.
DrillbacksA mechanism by which we create links from one Infor Application to another while running inside Portal.
WidgetsA single-purpose applications that provides at-a-glance information or quick access to interactive function.
WorkspacesInfor OS is enhanced with focused views that provide users with streamlined experiences tailored to specific applications, tasks, and widgets, leading to improved usability and efficiency.
Configuration ManagementA functionality within the Infor CloudSuite Self-Service Portal (CSSP) and certain Infor applications that allow configuration and settings to be copied from one of your company’s tenants (e.g. TST) to another of it’s tenants (e.g. PRD).
BookmarksTools that serve as saved reference points, enabling quick navigation or access to specific and essential pages within Infor OS.
ApplicationsThe application management feature in Infor OS allows users to control all applications. It offers the ability to add, edit, or delete different application types, such as Infor Provisioned Applications, Infor Non-Provisioned Applications, and Non-Infor Applications.
Smart PanelAn innovative feature that dynamically consolidates a user’s action items from various areas within Infor OS, presenting them in a centralized location to deliver timely and contextually relevant information.
TabsAllowing for simultaneous viewing of multiple workspaces, users can keep them open concurrently.
User SettingsSettings refer to the customizable global preferences in a system that include options for language, locale, time zone, and themes.advanced queries. Searches can also be saved by the user for quick access later.

Widget Types

PublishedYou can publish a widget to the Widget Catalog to make it available to other users.
InsightAn insight is like a small widget page contained within the smart panel.
StandardThe Standard Widgets page displays a listing of all standard widgets created by the application teams.
TenantA tenant widget and a standard widget could be very similar, but the tenant widget id will always start with “tenant.“ while the standard widgets starts with “.infor“

Widget Catalog Types

Workspaces Types

PrivateFor that specific user only. The user is usually allowed to edit these workspaces
PublishedWhen you publish a private workspace to the Workspace Catalog, the page becomes a published workspace.
StandardThe Standard Workspaces page displays a listing of all standard workspaces created by the application teams.
DynamicAvailable in the catalogs for users to add, but can show different content for different users.

Infor OS Portal Diagram

This diagram provides a detailed illustration of the diverse components that come together to shape the user experience. Each element plays a crucial role in ensuring a seamless and intuitive interaction for the user.

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