Duplicating a Workspace in Portal

Business Problem

Navigating the Infor CloudSuite Portal involves not just accessing predefined workspaces, but also creating unique environments tailored to specific functions or departments. Duplicating an existing workspace can provide a foundational template that’s ready for customization, saving significant time and effort. This tutorial will guide users through the process of duplicating workspaces within the Portal Solutions Components.

Solution Components

  • Infor OS Portal and Workspaces

Solution Requirements

  • Access to an Infor CloudSuite
  • Security Roles:
    • Infor-SystemAdministrator
    • MingleAdministrator
    • PORTAL-ContentAdministrator


  1. Access the Navigate Menu and, under Workspaces, locate the Workspace you intend to duplicate. Single-click on it, then select the ellipses, followed by “Duplicate”.

2. A pop-up will prompt you to name the duplicated Workspace. Ensure it differs from the original name. Click “OK” when done.

3. The duplicated Workspace will show up in the Navigation Menu, where you can proceed with any desired customizations.

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