Design Principles

Our design principles are for everyone who cares about good user experiences.

Think Simple

Break down complexity in the enterprise and guide users to success easily and quickly. Offer solutions that:

  • Are easy and intuitive to use
  • Make the user more productive
  • Take advantage of user experiences that are proven to be successful—no need to reinvent the wheel

Stay Informed

Ask questions, minimize assumptions. Commit to smarter decision-making that relies on research, data, and measurable KPIs whenever possible. Ask yourself:

  • Is this pattern an established heuristic?
  • Has this feature been tested and validated to provide a better experience for the user?
  • How can I track and evaluate performance to inform future iterations?

Be Human

Foster a culture in which design embraces configurable and inclusive solutions that serve everyone. Strive for human centricity by:

  • Understanding end users
  • Ensuring that interfaces and language are as accessible as possible
  • Being open to feedback and iteration