How to Setup Context Messaging in Infor OS App Designer

Business Problem

The potential for seamless communication between widgets in the Infor OS Portal framework presents a valuable opportunity for businesses to achieve efficient data exchange and collaboration across Infor applications or even third-party systems. By establishing contextual messaging channels for widgets built with Infor OS App Designer, businesses can optimize workflow integration and data synchronization.


  • Access to the OS App Designer
    • Security Role: IAD-DataMaintainer
    • Security Role: IAD-Designer
    • Security Role: IAD-Publisher
  • Existing M3 Account
  • Access to the following endpoints in the API Gateway:
    • M3/m3api-rest/v2/execute
    • M3/m3api-rest/execute


The tutorial gives a brief overview on how to setup context messaging between widgets in Infor OS App Designer. It will walk the user through creating data services that can receive the message, and then how to setup the sending of a message as well as receiving of that message.

Topics Covered:
  • What is a Context Messaging?
  • How to Setup Context Messaging
  • How to Send a Context Message
  • How to Receive a Context Message