Data Management


Infor Data Fabric is Infor’s comprehensive, cloud-native data management and processing platform. Data Fabric features spanning big data storage and query interfaces, real-time data delivery, and a suite of advanced data management tooling to structure the big data generated by Infor’s CloudSuite applications as well as third-party systems and data producers.

Infor Data Fabric centralizes common enterprise data requirements, development patterns, and tooling into a unified suite of tools to maximize data ROI that scales with continued data growth and capture.

At the center of Data Fabric is Infor’s Data Lake which uses an object storage architecture to provide long-term persistence of data in its raw, original format. CloudSuite applications and 3rd party applications, tools, and services can replicate transactional and master data for eventual processing and query analysis.

Data movement into and out of the Infor Data Lake is facilitated with a suite of tools and interfaces that include event-driven workflows orchestrated through Infor’s iPaaS platform, API endpoints, JDBC driver, and user-friendly UI interfaces. The Infor Data Fabric application also includes interfaces and tools for data query, exploration, data quality management, data cataloging, business domain metadata management, and development infrastructure.

Key Concepts & Definitions

Data FabricInfor’s comprehensive, cloud-native data management and processing platform.
Data LakeInfor’s central big data storage repository leveraging object storage architecture to provide long-term persistence of data in its raw, original format.
Data ObjectData Lake data is stored as data objects. Data objects are formed from the sent raw data and the data object properties.
AtlasData Object Explorer UI experience for viewing and managing data lake objects.
CompassA suite of tools that provide data consumers with interfaces for connecting to and processing ANSI SQL queries against data objects stored within the Data Lake. Supported object formats: NDJSON & DSV (CSV, TSV, PSV, or user-defined).
Data Lake FlowA sequence of activities orchestrated by ION that results in sending and/or retrieving Data Lake data.
Data CatalogThe Data Catalog stores metadata about data objects that are used within the organization.
Data LoaderAn application that facilitates the one-time loading of multiple database tables at once directly to Data Lake.
Metadata CrawlerA wizard that facilitates generating object metadata for tables, views, and materialized views stored in a database.
Data EgressThe outbound transmission of data that traverses Infor’s cloud boundary on request of a user, client, application or system.
Data LedgerReconciliation tool that aids data administrators in identifying alignments or potential disparities between applications sending data to Data Lake and the Data Lake itself.
MetagraphFree-form modeling canvas and tool, used to define domain-specific resource models.


ApplicationThe Data Fabric application allows you to view, manage, and query your data objects that are stored in Data Lake
The Data Fabric menu includes these menu options:
– Data Lake (Atlas, Compass, Data Ledger, and Purge)
– Metagraphs
– Utilities
API SuiteRESTful APIs for:
– Ingesting data into Data Lake
– Retrieving data from Data Lake or querying Data Lake
– Managing data objects
Homepage widgets– Data Lake Ingestion by object
– Data Lake Ingestion over time
– Data Lake Storage Overview (see also: Usage reports)
– Atlas Upload
Compass JDBC driverThe Compass JDBC driver can be used to query Data Lake data through a local SQL query tool.

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