Design Paradigm

Scaling User Productivity and Satisfaction

Role-Based Workspaces (OS Platform)

We want to simplify the complexity of the enterprise by helping users focus on what’s relevant to their role and responsibilities. That’s how we’ll fulfill the promise to make every user more productive, successful, and satisfied. Our design paradigm for Industry CloudSuites is defined by our commitment to designing and delivering configurable, role-based Workspaces, which are the user’s point of entry into our Industry Cloud solutions.

A Workspace is a place where users can conveniently start and end their day. Easy access to their most important and frequently used workflows helps to increase their productivity. Workspaces can even help reduce onboarding and training time for new users.

Upon logging into their Workspace—even for the very first time—a user finds role-specific information (data insights, tasks, announcements) presented through modular, composable UI elements called widgets. Widgets enhance and highlight functionalities from the core ERP, core plus (edge) applications, and OS Platform. A broad range of widgets are already available in the catalog, which system admins and users can use to further customize their Workspace.

Infor Marketplace

In addition to Workspaces templates (our out-of-the-box content), there are other customer- and partner-sourced solutions available via Infor Marketplace. These can also help our customers realize value faster. Moreover, both business analysts and experienced front-end professionals can leverage our UX extensibility ecosystem, which includes the OS Application Designer, Widget SDK, and industry-specific RESTful APIs.

To help speed your results, we recommend getting familiar with OS Application Designer first. Then move on to the Widget SDK, which continuously delivers the latest components from the Infor Design System as the building blocks of Infor’s user experience. This creates a consistency in the user experience across the CloudSuite.

OS Application Designer (OAD)

OAD is one way to employ the Infor Design System. It offers widget templates that incorporate best practices from the design system, including powerful features like lists, charts, datagrid, and forms. You can leverage OAD’s data services wizard to design custom sets of APIs for your widgets. Want even more flexibility? Leverage Mongoose PaaS to build more complex data services for OAD as well. 

Here you’ll find a user guide, intro video, guides for Data Services configurations, and information for building, publishing, and deploying widgets.

Workspace Widget SDK Resources

The Workspace Widget SDK allows developers to take full advantage of all the Infor Design System components by exposing them through a simple Angular-based IDE and Widget SDK.

The Widget SDK is used to develop widgets for Workspaces and provides APIs for interacting with the Widget framework. The Framework API communicates with the Widget framework. ION API support enables communication with other Infor applications. The SDK includes multiple sample widgets to explore and learn from.