Design Program

Consistency and Continuity Matter for Success

Users believe that software that looks good, works good too. First impressions matter, so our design program prioritizes consistency as a baseline success metric for our Industry Cloud solutions. The value add for users is confidence. Reducing the cognitive load makes it easier to learn our software and reduces training and onboarding time. It makes navigating across a CloudSuite more intuitive. It gives users the ability to make quicker, better decisions.

Design consistency is not an all-or-nothing proposition. We’re increasing UX tooling and resources across product development to get us to the next level: Continuity. That’s where centralized data is infused into every workflow in every user journey for each role.

This allows the user to work seamlessly across multiple screens—and ideally, without being aware that they’re using multiple modules. The OS Platform gives you, just like our product development teams, a way to mitigate potential points of friction for the user.

We’re committed to helping product teams be more closely aligned with our design program and its standards. However, we’re aware that there are extenuating circumstances, based on a variety of factors, that require some flexibility in our standards and design protocols. We’re always available to discuss these exceptions and find an acceptable compromise.

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