How to Call an ION API from Mongoose

Business Problem

Enabling smooth communication between Infor Mongoose, a low-code development platform, and ION API is crucial for businesses seeking to maximize the full potential of their cloud ecosystems. Learning how to effectively call an ION API from Mongoose unlocks the possibility of integrating custom applications created in Mongoose with other parts of the Infor cloud ecosystem or even third-party applications.


  • Access to Infor Mongoose
    • MONGOOSE-UG-CoreFormsAdmin
    • MONGOOSE-UG-CoreFormsDeveloper
    • MONGOOSE-UG-CoreFormsEndUser
  • ION API Gateway (IONAPI-Administrator)


This tutorial will show you how to call an API from a Mongoose application, and how you can leverage Mongoose as a client to call an API. This will allow any application developed within Mongoose to be connected to the suite of Infor products.

Topics Covered:

  • Authenticating Mongoose through ION API Gatway
  • Testing ION API connection in Mongoose
  • Get Images from IDM through ION API calls in Mongoose
  • ION API POST call from Mongoose